Apartment Friendly
Apartment Friendly
Family Dog
Family Dog
Hypo Allergenic
Hypo Allergenic

2nd Gen Mini Whoodle

Otherwise known as: Wheatenpoo

Whoodles are a beautiful breed of Soft Wheaten Terrier and Poodle. Whoodles are extremely intelligent and active dogs that are wonderful family pets.

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Whoodles have very soft curly hair that can be many colors such as black, red, white, fawn and gold/yellow and can be just one color or bicolored. They are also 100% hypoallergenic due to both of there parents being hypoallergenic breeds. Whoodles thrive in family settings because they are energetic and playful but also love to cuddle.


Whoodles are active loving dogs. They love to go on long walks, doing challenging dog games and they take from there poodle parents because they love to swim and are really good at it. The recommendation for Whoodles is to be able to walk at least a mile everyday with them so if you love walks or to hike this would be an amazing breed for you!


Whoodles are a very intelligent active dog making them a perfect dog for an active family. These dogs really really love their humans so they can get seperation anxiety so it is recommended to not leave them alone for extended periods of time, this could be something that would make them a good dog for families who already have a dog at home and want to get it a companion.